Bringing your new baby home can be a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, you’re full of joy because your little one is finally here. On the other, it brings sleepless nights, fatigue, personal and social adjustments, and much more.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that a lot of new parents struggle with mental health issues. Know what to expect during this time and how health and social care can help.

Common Mental Health Issues New Parents Face

  1. Anxiety

    Most new parents feel incredibly protective of their newborns. Any unusual behaviour in the baby can cause nagging worries. For some mothers, this turns into distressing anxiety. It may affect how she cares for herself and for her newborn.

    Anxiety can also exist alongside depression. An experienced doula in the UK can guide new mothers from prenatal to postnatal care and stress management.

  2. Adjustment Problems

    Postpartum and postnatal depression is only the tip of the iceberg. Lack of sleep, healing from giving birth, fatigue, and stress can throw your routine into chaos.

    With so much going on and no time for oneself, this can cause serious health issues in both parents, particularly the exhausted mother who just gave birth.

    While usually temporary, prolonged adjustment problems are distressing. Listening support from a UK doula can be tremendously helpful.

  3. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    Postnatal PTSD or birth trauma is a type of anxiety disorder. Difficult pregnancy and labour, or painful childbirth can be very traumatising for mothers. PTSD can strain the relationship with her child or partner.

  4. Attachment Issues

    Some infants are very clingy from the get-go and may demand constant looking after. In other cases, infants do not take too quickly with their mothers. As a result, mothers may experience emotional pain for feeling overwhelmed or unwanted.

  5. Postpartum depression

    Depression can occur during and after pregnancy. If left untreated, mothers may develop chronic depression or trigger recurrence in their next pregnancies. It can severely disrupt their quality of life, sometimes for years. UK doulas can help new mothers recognize and understand postnatal depression symptoms and how to address them.

24/7 Listening Support for New Parents

Talking for Therapy offers listening support in the UK for expectant and new parents. Our experienced doulas and advisors are trained in handling emotional trauma support for mothers and fathers.

In addition, health and social care are important throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth. Are you looking for a safe space to discuss your fears and problems? Do you need advice and resources to care for your family better? Are you a father looking to support your wife through her postpartum journey?

Schedule a call today with Talking for Therapy, and let’s talk about YOU.