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    Birth and Postpartum Doula for UK and International Listening Support

    Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, but it’s also one of the most difficult. Every mother deserves a safe and supportive space where they can express themselves freely.

    What is a Doula?

    A doula is a professional who guides mothers during pregnancy, birth and labour. Also, they assist in postpartum care. They are trained to provide mothers emotional and mental support during and after pregnancy.

    Apart from providing support, doulas can also help you find additional mental health resources. This is to help you cope with the stress of pregnancy before, during, and after birth or loss.

    Doulas can be an invaluable part of your birthing team. Their comforting presence makes mothers feel safe, supported, and informed throughout the whole process.

    Feel Empowered and Supported by an Experienced Doula

    At Talking for Therapy, our doula has undergone training with the renowned Kingston Hospital. Their training allows them to give emotional and mental support to mothers worldwide. They also educate and inform.

    Welcoming a child into your life is a joyful experience, but can also usher in a lot of negative emotions. Not only can our doula assist you through birthing, but you can also seek help for:

    • Postnatal depression
      Giving birth takes a serious toll on your body and mind. It’s okay to ask for help. Learn how to recognize and work through postnatal depression symptoms with our doula and advisors. All are ready to listen and encourage you through it all.
    • Postpartum depression
      Many mothers experience depression before, during, and after childbirth. This extreme sadness is often accompanied by other symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and difficulty bonding with the baby. Unfortunately, too few receive support for it.

      Postpartum depression is not a weakness, and it does not make you a bad mother. It’s a valid mental health issue. Do not panic – just pick up the phone, and we will navigate this together.

    Find New Parent Support Groups

    The joys of parenthood are accompanied by a lot of new emotions and responsibilities. It can be overwhelming, and that’s completely natural.

    Talking for Therapy has undergone training with the NCT so we can provide meaningful resources for new parents just like you. We can connect you with local authority services, parent support groups, helplines, the NHS, and more.

    24/7 Doula Support for Mother and New Parents

    Motherhood and parenthood are one of the most beautiful and complicated human experiences. Let us support you through all the emotional and mental health challenges you’ll go through during this time. Our professional doula and advisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from wherever you are in the world. Book your appointment today and let’s talk about YOU.

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