Whether it’s your first of third child, the birth experience – including pregnancy and the post-natal period – will always be a massive time of change and adjustment. You’ll often hear how a doula in the UK can help mothers get through this time with less stress. However, mom is not the only who can benefit from the presence of a doula during this time— even fathers have a lot to gain from the experience.

But if dad isn’t the one who’s having the baby, what exactly can a doula do for him?

Before we answer that, let’s bust this myth right off the bat— a doula will not replace the dad. The truth is, a doula advocates for the mother, father, and their baby. Now let’s dive deeper.

Doulas Can Be Very Helpful to Fathers, Too

Again, a doula in the UK is there for the entire family, not just the mother. Becoming a parent is a milestone for fathers, too. By supporting him, the doula supports his partner, as well. As part of the team, doulas offer the following benefits to fathers:

  • Doulas can help dads figure out the role they want

    Not every father wants to wade into the birthing tub and help deliver the infant. In the same vein, not all dads want to be a passive observer either. A doula can help fathers figure out the role they’re comfortable playing during the birth.

    In addition, a doula will also be there in case the dad changes their mind. For instance, he can decide to take a more active role, and the doula can help facilitate that as well.

  • Doulas helps reassure fathers throughout the best experience

    An invaluable benefit of having a doula is having someone to explain what you don’t understand about the birth. For example, why is labor taking so long? What is a particular birthing instrument used for? Doulas can relieve a lot of the confusion and fear surrounding child birth, especially for new fathers.

  • Doulas allow fathers to get a break

    Even the most involved fathers need a break to refuel with food or just take a quick outside, especially during long labors. Dads can take that much-needed break without worrying about leaving their wife and incoming baby alone.

  • Doulas help boost confidence for dads

    Doulas aren’t just a one-person new parent support group for mothers. They can also help fathers become more confident in supporting their partner. For instance, doulas can provide suggestions on what to do to help ease the pain for the woman in labor. They can also offer gentle advice on when to give the mother space, and when to be hands-on with the support.

Where to Find a Doula in the UK

Call Talking for Therapy— we have several experienced doulas as part of our team, and they’re ready to provide support 24/7. They are trained on everything from pregnancy support to postpartum depression and everything in between. And yes, they offer support for fathers, too. Contact us today to learn more about our doula services.