Extramarital affairs can destroy a relationship overnight. Still, it’s impossible to grasp its full impact until you experience it. Dealing with your significant other’s infidelity can plunge you into depression and anxiety. Worse, it can make you feel isolated and alone.

Not sure how to begin picking up the pieces? Sometimes, just expressing how you feel can help. Learn more about marital infidelity and how listening support services in the UK can help.

Marital Infidelity: What Is It and Why Does It Happen?

Infidelity refers to any acts of unfaithfulness towards your spouse and marriage. It can be any physical or emotional action that tarnishes your marital vows.

People may have differing views on what counts as infidelity. That’s why couples need to define it early in their marriage.

Affairs happen for a variety of reasons depending on a particular situation. Some common causes include:

  • Lack of love, affection, desire, and care from the other spouse
  • Physical problems such as a disability or disease
  • Mental health problems like depression
  • Commitment issues
  • Lack of communication about a year-long marital problem.
  • Unmet relationship needs. For example, not knowing inadequate emotional support from either party.

Regardless of the reason, there’s never any excuse for infidelity. For some people, leaving is the only choice left after their spouse has an affair. Others choose to stay and work on the relationship. No matter what you ultimately decide, it’s essential to put your mental health first.

Dealing with Infidelity and Caring for Your Mental Health

You may be struggling with depression and anxiety right now. Know that this is absolutely normal in the wake of spousal infidelity. The stress can also trigger other mental health issues like hallucinations, worsen conditions like bipolar disorder, and more.

The most important thing right now is to take care of your mental health as much as you can. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Consider moving out in the meantime.

    Putting space between you and your spouse can give you breathing room to process your thoughts and feelings.

  • Take care of your physical health.

    It can feel impossible, but now more than ever, you need to take care of your health. A weak body can worsen your mental health.

    Finding it hard to eat a full meal? Try a green smoothie to get your vitamins and nutrients in. Stock your fridge with food that’s both nutritious and easy to eat, like yogurt, soup, sliced fruits, and sandwiches.

  • Save the number of a listening support hotline.

    Infidelity doesn’t just affect the spouses involved. Making things worse is the fact that it can also divide your friends and loved ones.

    During this time, a non-judgmental third party can be a valuable source of support and comfort. Listening support services can help you with everything from dealing with your anxiety in the UK to directing you to useful resources in your area.

Rebuild Your Emotional Health Through Listening Support

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