The signs of depression in the UK drain your drive, hope, and energy, making it almost impossible to do things that can actually make you feel much better. In some cases, just the thought of everything you need to do, such as working out or seeing good friends, can already seem exhausting.

However, even the tiniest steps can have a huge impact when you’re depressed. Try to do these actions as often as you can, and soon, you’ll begin feeling better, healthier, and more confident once again.

1. Aim for eight hours of sleep.

Depression generally involves sleep issues; whether you’re sleeping insufficient or excessive, your state of mind suffers. Try to observe a better sleep schedule. Establish healthy sleep habits by sleeping early, avoiding phone use and caffeine before bed, and more.

2. Keep your stress levels in check.

Not just only does stress intensify depression and anxiety, it also acts as a severe trigger. Figure out all the things in your life that make you worry. These can be things such as your job, negative relationships, and money problems, so you can figure out ways to regain control and relieve pressure.

3. Practice relaxation strategies.

A day-to-day relaxation practice can assist ease signs of anxiety, minimize tension, and enhance feelings of delight and wellness. Try mindfulness exercises like muscle relaxation, deep breathing, yoga, or meditation.

4. Do not skip meals.

Going too long in between eating can make you feel exhausted and irritable, so aim to consume even a small snack every few hours.

5. Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates.

You might yearn for sweet treats, baked items, or comfort food such as fries or pasta, but these “feel-good” items rapidly result in an energy and mood crash. Cut out these foods from your diet as much as you can.

6. Do exercises that are constant and rhythmic.

Rhythmic exercises, such as weight training, walking, swimming, or dancing, are exercises where you move both your limbs. These can be very effective in lifting symptoms of depression in men and women.

7. Pair up with an exercise partner.

Not only does exercising with others allow you to spend time interacting socially, but it can also motivate you. Can’t go out of the house and starting to feel isolated? There are many fitness groups you can join online!

8. Take in sunlight.

Sunshine can increase serotonin levels and boost positive feelings. Whenever possible, soak up the sunlight for at least 10 minutes a day.

9. Seek support from people who make you feel cared for.

The person you speak with does not need to fix you; they simply need to listen and allow you to express how you feel. Receiving compassionate health and social care from people who care about it is an integral part of mental health.

Taking the Stigma Out of Depression – Let’s Talk!

Finally, Talking for Therapy offers an extra layer of support when you’re experiencing signs of depression in the UK. Not comfortable talking about depression with friends and family? Maybe you just want a more objective yet passionate party to listen to you. Our friendly advisors would be happy to pick up the phone. Schedule your call today, and let’s talk about YOU.