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    Talking For Therapy was launched to address serious concerns about the mental wellbeing of people all over the world. We are confidential, listening phone service for anyone based anywhere all over the world.

    Sometimes, all you need during difficult times is someone to talk to. A safe space where you can be honest.


    We are an organisation of individuals with various levels of professional training designed to listen to and support you when you need it most.

    At Talking for Therapy, you will always find an ally. Call us 24/7 wherever you are in the UK and around the world. Our advisors are trained to listen actively, offer meaningful support, and keep everything confidential.


    We keep our conversations private, so we can't pass the information you give us onto anyone else and we won't judge or insist on giving advice.

    Remember that your mental health matters. You matter. Whether you want a quick chat to vent or need a longer conversation, don’t hesitate to book an appointment and talk to us today.


    Open Up in a Safe and Non-Judgmental Space

    Countless studies have proven the therapeutic effects of talking. Opening up about your struggles can help you work through negative feelings and trauma. It can relieve mental stress and the physical symptoms that accompany it. Discussing what you’re going through helps you find solutions and develop coping skills.

    In most cases, having someone to talk to is a very empowering experience. Unfortunately, not everyone has a supportive circle of family and friends. Some simply prefer opening up to someone neutral.

    Whatever your circumstances may be, you can talk to us about absolutely anything. Below are just some of the things you can speak to us about:

    • Suicidal thoughts

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Emotional Help and Support

    • Emotional Trauma

    • Postnatal Depression Symptoms

    • Postpartum Depression

    • Adultery

    • Bipolar

    • Hallucinations

    • Health and Social Care

    • Doula

    • Support for New Parents

    • Mental Health Awareness

    • l
    • Symptoms of Depression in Men

    We also encourage you to call us if you’d like to learn more about how to support a friend, a spouse, or a loved one. Got questions about mental health? We’d love to share insights and resources with you.

    A Team That’s Always Ready to Empathize and Listen to You

    The Talking for Therapy team is composed of advisors with a wide range of backgrounds. This diversity means you will always find a great fit for your needs. Our team has combined years of experience in:

    • Social work

    • Mental health

    • Housing

    • Birthing partners

    • Dealing with vulnerable people

    • Working with new parents and couples

    In addition, there’s an equal ratio of male to female advisors that work fulltime and part-time. While our advisors are not professional counsellors, they are trained to listen actively. This means genuinely empathizing with no pressure, judgement, or forced advice.

    Got Something on Your Mind? Let’s Talk!

    You don’t have to bear your problems, worries, and fears alone. We’re ready to listen. To avail of our confidential phone support service, you can book a 30 minute or longer session on your preferred date and time.

    We are available everyday 24/7. Talking for Therapy is based in London, England, but you can call us from anywhere in the UK and all over the world. Book an appointment now and let's talk about YOU.

    What Can You Speak To Us About

    Some people do not have the support of friends or family. Others do have friends or family to talk to, but find that talking to someone neutral can also be beneficial.

    Whether you are facing depression, in need of emotional support, facing emotional trauma, anxiety, trying to cope with hallucinations, mental health, adultery, postpartum depression, postnatal depression, suicidal thoughts, or maybe you want to know how you can support a partner emotionally, we are here for you.

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